June 01, 2011

Stinky Brooklyn

Cheese, glorious cheese, in wonderful, kick-butt Brooklyn!

My partner in crime of late, Jen A, brought me to Stinky Brooklyn (cross another one off The List!) after our dinner at Cubana Cafe. What a fun spot! Brightly lit, spacious, and friendly staff.

Everywhere you look you'll find lots of Brooklyn-made bites and bitters and goodies.

They're not borough-bound, though--there are lots of other artisanal treats to be found.

Freshly-baked bread greets you right when you walk in the door.

I'll have to pick some up on my next visit.

Pssst--hey mister--you like mustard? pickles?

We got lots of BOTH!

The cheese and meat counter was glorious--yum. Look at all that goodness!

Jen A told me to try her favorite cheese, the Prairie Breeze. It's a cheddar made in Iowa by Mennonites--how could you not get some? The man behind the counter sliced me a generous taste and it was great--sharp but not too sharp, buttery, and had those yummy little crystals in it. He gamely tried to talk me into taking home the entire chunk in his hand, but I demurely opted instead for a 1/4 pound (which lasted 2 weeks!)

I was on my way out when a fatty, flavorful-looking log of Petit Jesu sausage. You may remember this delicious treat from my visit with ABF to Bouchon Bakery at Time Warner Center a lonnnng time ago. This was the first time I'd seen it since, and I was DEFINITELY taking some home. The same server gave me a taste, even though I knew I would love it. Yep, salty, fatty, delicious. I took home a few lovely, thinly-sliced pieces.

They offer a world of other goods: gluten-free pastas, specialty sodas, local and out-of-state coffees (from Brooklyn's Stumptown to Seattle's Intelligentsia).

There's something for every cook, baker, food lover, soda fiend--you name it! Great ideas for hostess gifts, thank you presents, and delicious bites if hey, you just happen to be HUNGRY!

Stinky Brooklyn
215 Smith St
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 522-7425

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Halcyon said...

This is definitely my kind of store! Love the selection.

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