July 08, 2011

Hudson Valley: Lucky's Chocolates

LP hosted a bunch of us last weekend in the Hudson Valley area, and we had a great time, despite lots of rainy, rainy weather. LP remembered these delicious chocolate chip cookies from Lucky's, which used to have a random outpost out near Woodstock. When we checked it out, we found that that spot was gone, but there was a brick and mortar store SIX MINUTES AWAY in Saugerties, New York. To the cookiemobile!

Lucky smells like one big chocolate rainbow. They have their own chocolates, from truffles to brownies to cookies, but we were there for one thing and one thing only: chocolate chip cookies!

They carry plain chocolate chip, choc chip with walnuts, and oatmeal raisin. I was happy Laura picked the ones with walnuts--I was in a nutty mood.

We took in a few minutes to enjoy the sparkly, colorful interior--it's a fun place to sit and enjoy your sweets--but we had to get back on the road and head home for dinner.

Of course, we weren't so rushed that we couldn't take some sample bites in the car. This cookie was every bit as good as it looked/smelled--you would swear your mom or grandmother was in the back, baking away.

Oh yeah, that's a good cookie. That's a GREAT cookie.

LP took me on a short drive around the downtown area before heading home--it's very cute and has a lot of great stores.

Downtown Saugerties is quite picturesque--it reminds me of parts of downtown Attleboro from when I was a kid. Lots of storefronts, colorful paint, thoughtful storefront displays.

Worth a stop if you're nearby or even just passing through on your way somewhere else. And pick up a half-dozen cookies or so. One is not enough!

Lucky Chocolates
115 Partition Street
Saugerties, NY 12477
(845) 246-7337

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