July 19, 2011

Las Margaritas

My friend CPZ & I went out to Queens on a sweltering Sunday to check out the Museum of Moving Images' Muppets exhibit (so fun!) We were ravenous after and not in the mood for a long trek to find food. We decided to stop at Las Margaritas for their brunch special.

The chips and salsa were delicious--lots of chunky vegetables in the salsa, crisp, not-too-salty chips. This was a good start.

I ordered the scrambled eggs with tomatoes, onions and rice and beans on the side. One bite of the eggs and I was totally turned off. I can't even explain it--just very bland and unappetizing. The beans were tasty, home fries were passable, the pico okay, but this whole dish lacked...something. The guacamole needed a serious kick of lime juice.

Brunch dishes included a drink, and I opted for a mimosa. It was fine, but not anything super special. It had the citrus my guac could have used, though!

CPZ ordered the Bloody Mary--she's a fan of them. It was nice and horseradishy, but they're just not my favorite.

CPZ ordered scrambled eggs with chorizo, and didn't think hers was anything great. However, she liked it enough to take it home and try it again the next day (how did that turn out, CPZ??)

Ever the optimist, I ordered another margarita! This was spectacular. Tart and tangy with just a hint of sweet, this was exactly what I needed on this insufferably hot summer day. And at $7.50, a true bargain in NYC!

The crossbreeze kept us cool as we sipped our drinks and caught up on things (it had been too long since we got together!) The staff checked on us but never rushed us. We may have ordered another round before we left too, you know, just for good measure.

While the margaritas were marvelous, the brunch was a bust. My advice (take it with a grain of salt and some Patron if you'd like): skip the food and just come by for Happy Hour!

Las Margaritas
3801 Broadway
Astoria, NY 11103
(718) 777-1707

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