April 18, 2012

Ayhan's Shish Kebab

Ayhan's is a delicious, dependable spot where you can eat a scrumptious dinner and still leave feeling like you're being pretty healthy (if that's what you're after, I mean).
ABF & I usually go to the one in a mall in Farmingdale, but we decided to try one a little closer to (ABF's) home, in Baldwin (that's still Long Island, for you non-NYers!)
First order of business--a bright, light pinot grigio to start off my meal--yum!

The bread dip at Ayhan's is the #1 reason I keep coming back. It reminds me of a Martha Stewart recipe I learned ages ago (but rarely make at home because bread is kind of a weak spot for me--I can't be left alone with it!)--oregano, lemon juice, olive oil, and other spices. This is cracktastic and I will dip any and every piece of bread I can find into this dip.
I usually get a chicken kabob, but the Energy Platter jumped out at me: 2 falafel, hummus, tabouleh, pita bread, and a farmer's salad. The falafel were just okay, but I liked that they were small and about the size of a big olive, not huge portions.
The hummus was really good, the tabouleh ok (I'm not a fan), but the farmer's salad was OUTSTANDING. I think I need to make this at home at least once a week! Diced cucumber, bell pepper, tangy red onion, and bits of feta cheese. Divine.

ABF got the classic Greek salad, and while they could totally just phone it in, here, Ayhan delivers a killer vinaigrette that jazzes up the whole dish.

ABF ordered his favorite--the sirloin kebabs, which came with two big chunks of perfectly charred, cooked steak, and a mushy but (so I'm told) tasty tomato in the middle. It also came with delicious rice pilaf and veggies.

We almost always get dessert at Ayhan's (unless we really pack in the bread--and yes, that can happen!), and this time we made room for our favorite dessert there: galactaboureiko, which is layers of phyllo dough alternating with delicious custard. They usually serve it hot, but ABF prefers it cold (note: it's better hot). I'm a nice girlfriend, so we got it cold. Either way, it's scrumptious--not as sweet as baklava but still a tasty way to end a delicious meal.

Ayhan's Shish Kebab
550 Sunrise Highway
Baldwin, NY 11050
(516) 223-1414

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