April 10, 2012

Linda Jean's (Martha's Vineyard)

A great hotel deal & some stunning weather were more than enough to lure ABF & me back to Martha's Vineyard this April. A favorite spot of ABF's on MV is Linda Jean's, which is in the Oak Bluffs area(home to the gingerbread houses and more). We didn't make it there last trip, so we made sure to stop by this time!

They'd stopped serving breakfast, but I had just heard (via my Facebook page--go there and like me, won't you? Aww, thank you so much!) that their chowder was some of the best on the Island. Done! ABF & I each got a bowl. I am always impressed how such a simple dish can be so vastly different from place to place. This WAS good, but I think my heart still belongs to the chowdah at Newes from America pub, at least in a MV chowdah ranking.

ABF ordered Linda-Jean's steak sandwich, a play on a philly cheese steak. This was a lot of food and chock full of delicious mushrooms (yes, I said MUSHROOMS--and delicious--in the same sentence!). I took TWO bites of this. The roll was perfectly soft and everything--tender beef, melty cheese, yummy mushrooms, was seasoned just right.

I ordered the grilled Rueben on rye bread. I love me some sauerkraut and it just jumped out at me. I was glad to see it was not a ridiculously huge serving (like you might find here in NYC). This was a normal person's sandwich--and I still couldn't finish it. But oh was it yummy. The bread was perfect, the meat was easy to chew but not mushy, and the melty cheese and sauerkraut were the perfect combo of gooey and crunchy. I didn't really use the Russian dressing on the side (very sweet and kinda not my thing anyway).

The fries were good, too--I ate more than I planned to eat!

Linda Jean's is open all day--next time I'm aiming for breakfast, because I remember having some pretty fantastic pancakes there a while ago. They're located smack in the middle of Oak Bluffs...and let me know what you get there!!

Linda Jean's
25 Circuit Avenue
Oak Bluffs, MA 02557
(508) 693-4093

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