September 18, 2012

Arno's (Nantucket)

A short time into our day trip to Nantucket, ABF & I stopped for lunch at Arno's restaurant on Nantucket's Main street, a short walk from the Steamship Authority (where the ferry docks when you arrive). It was late afternoon so the main rush was gone, and they sat us immediately near the bar.

It was a hot, humid, super-summery August day. I started my meal with a Sea Breeze, a cocktail with champagne, grenadine, and cranberry juice (of course!) This was light, refreshing, just a touch of sweetness. Cheers!

ABF ordered the fish & chips, made with fresh haddock. This was a good-sized portion and smelled pretty amazing. He gave it two thumbs up and then some.

I also ordered haddock, but in a fish sandwich version. I haven't had a fried fish sandwich in a good ten years, and this was a great way to get back into the game.

Fresh, flaky fish, fresh lettuce, soft bun, and a deliciously zingy tartar sauce. Fantastic.

Service was very friendly, even with a big party upstairs keeping the small staff busy. They were in no rush to move us out of there, so we had a little extra time to catch our breath and cool off before heading back out into the humidity.

Arno's is on the main drag of Nantucket and a good, solid spot if you're looking for a bite!


41 Main Street

Nantucket, MA 02554

(508) 228-7001

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