September 03, 2012


While summer might feel over if you or your kids are back in school (haha suckers!), there are still a few more weeks, technically, to enjoy the warmer weather. A great place to try if you head out East? Claudio's in Greenport, New York. Every time ABF & I have ventured out here, Claudio's has been closed--until THIS summer! We stopped for an early dinner at this landmark location.
I started with Claudio's famous stuffed clams. These were very tasty, not too bready. I'm not a huge clam fan, but I very much enjoyed these.
ABF's starter: smoky corn & shrimp chowder. I had a bite or two-- sweet and salty summer in a bowl!
My main was the Claudio's special: succulent steak, smothered in mushrooms, with a sumptuous twice-baked potato. The potato was so velvety and perfect on that warm but rainy day. Oh, my taste buds were so happy!
ABF's dish-- lemony linguine with wilted spinach and bits of tender seafood.
For dessert, ABF ordered the brownie ice cream sundae-- one of his favorite things in the world. This was good, but didn't wow me like MY dessert, which was...
a lemon bar! Yes, a lemon bar served WARM. At first I was a bit confused. Warm? That sounds kind of...yuck. IT IS NOT. It was buttery, melt-in-my-mouth, lush and lovely lemon. I may never eat a cold lemon bar again. (just kidding--I'll have warm AND cold!!)
With an impressive history and long line of legendary service under its belt, Claudio's is a famous and satisfying stop if you're out on the far east end of Long Island. Enjoy!

111 Main Street

Greenport, NY 11944

(631) 477-0627

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