October 19, 2012

Scratch Bakery: Sweets

The sandwiches at Scratch (oh lawd, the SANDWICHES) were so good that it was a while before we tucked into our desserts.

The smell of fresh baked goods will deliciously envelop you at Scratch. It took a bit of self-control not to BUY ALL THE FOODZ! We managed to dial it back and just get a few bites, but there are plenty of delicious offerings from mini-cakes to cookies, blondies, brownies and more.

We'd picked up some cookies (ABF loves a good cookie): a chocolate-chocolate chip and a ginger-spice one (I can't recall the exact name) and for me, some shortbread.

I am a sucker for a buttery, flaky shortbread. They had regular shortbread and sea salt shortbread-- which is what I ordered. Just 75 cents for a dense, heavy, flaky square of goodness!

My shortbread was good, but I think the salt took away from the wonderful, sweet butteriness (is that a word? it is now), so if when I go back I'll stick to the regular shortbread. Mmmm...melty.
There's so much more to try-- I need to go back for some tart key lime squares, almond horns, chocolate-drenched anything, and of course, more shortbread!!
Scratch Baking Company

416 Preble Street

South Portland, ME 04106

(207) 799-0668

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