October 15, 2012

Andy's Old Port Pub (Maine)

It rained while we were in Portland (Maine). A lot. Like, every day. All day. Until the day we left. But we didn't let that stop us from wandering around the small, manageable city.

When it's cold, wet, rainy, and/or I'm in New England, I want chowdah. ASAP.

We found ourselves walking into Andy's Old Port Pub on Commercial Street, the main drag of downtown Portland. We got a table immediately (while people were testily lining up next door at another famous chowder joint) and had friendly servers welcoming us and bringing us drinks in no time.

I ordered the DownEast Cider, with minimal bubbles (I'm not a big carbonation fan) crisp apple flavor-- winner! Goose Island Honkers Ale for ABF-- didn't taste as dark as it looked, but so not my cup of tea. He liked it, though.

The reason why we're here: Clam chowdah for the table! A bowl for ABF, a cup for me. The chowder was very thin, more like a broth than a creamy chowder. Mine had decent pieces of clam in it, but not what I normally prefer when I think chowdah.

Andy's is very adamant about not FRYING fish, so their fish in the fish & chips is breaded and grilled. Interesting. ABF is a huge fan of fish & chips. This was okay, but so different from the norm.

Nice piece of fish, good fries, just not the form he's accustomed to nomming.

I had to get a lobster roll. I just craved one. Theirs is about a dressed-down as it gets, and I loved it. Fresh, impressive-sized pieces of soft, slightly chewy lobster meat, with just a toss of butter, maybe a slight slick of mayo, and that's it. On a buttered, toasted hot dog roll, the way God & New England intended! So good. And only 13 bucks! Ahhh, the lobster surplus is a wonderful thing.

The food was good, the lobster roll was GREAT, and the service was friendly, attentive, and helpful. The chowder's not my style, but if you want a tasty, affordable lobster roll and a good drink with it, stop in here!

Andy's Old Port Pub

94 Commercial Street

Portland, ME 04101

(207) 874-2639

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