October 17, 2012

Back to Beach Pea (for the Sweet Stuff!)

So we knew for a fact that Beach Pea can make an amazing sandwich (that story here). Jeannie had also told me they make killer croissants and ethereal eclairs. I trust Jeannie's opinion, but I also had to verify this with my very own taste buds!

Jeannie was so intent on getting me to try the croissants that she went in to Beach Pea early to make sure she secured some (as they disappear in a flash)-- a chocolate and a raspberry. I thought the raspberry would be my favorite, but oh no--the chocolate one was just like Jeannie's husband said it would be--basically wrapped around 'a chocolate bar.' Pretty close!

Also lovely? Their plain version. People--I ate this almost a WEEK later (after preserving it in the fridge sealed in Tupperware), toasted it in the oven at 250 degrees for 10 minutes, and I'd have sworn it was fresh-baked. Hummina hummina.

I was especially excited to try the eclairs. I belive they make a full-sized version, but I only saw miniatures, which were 2-3 small bites. Not enough, and yet plenty! These looked so good that I couldn't wait, and I delicately chomped into one while we were still in ABF's car. Did you hear the harps just then? What a light, fluffy, stupendous treat! The filling is a lighter sort than the heavy custard I expected. Very close to the way my very own mother makes her (addicting) eclairs. It was a delicious bite and a reminder of home all in one fell, sugary swoop.
BPBC is also known for their cookies, especially the Cowgirl, a nutty, yummy disc filled with coconut, walnuts, and other goodness. You can buy a bag filled with regular ones (for just under 5 dollars-worth it!) or get the larger ones, which are, as you can see, about as big as my head. ABF & I demolished that baby!
Beach Pea does amazing things with bread, too. I picked up a fresh fougasse (the leaf shaped Provencal bread), flavored with fresh rosemary and sea salt. The aroma of this bread was distractingly swoon-worthy. I shared it with my colleagues next day.
The woman who packed up my (many, many) treats was very helpful--I told her I was going to serve the bread and the croissants later in the week, and she advised I wrap them in plastic. I wrapped the fougasse in plastic AND put it in the fridge (I don't like leaving food out in my kitchen).

By the time I served the chewy, savory fougasse to coworkers, it was room temperature and mouth-watering. I snapped a picture of it next to my hand to show you how big this baby is. And the taste? Ethereal! Addicting! We kept going back for 'one more bite,' because this is a craveworthy carb. Well played, Beach Pea. Well played.

Beach Pea Baking Co

53 State Street

Kittery, ME 03904


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