October 11, 2013

Food Truck Friday: Gorilla Cheese

Now that it's truly starting to feel like Fall (yay!), what could be better than a delicious grilled cheese?

The Gorilla Cheese truck was parked outside my office recently, and I decided to try one of their gooey delicious sandwiches.

I chose the number seven: smoked turkey, cheddar, tomatoes on multigrain bread, with a chipotle aïoli for good measure!

For a few extra dollars, I could make it a combo, with a drink and a side of their tater tots. Yes please! 

The sandwich was done perfectly: crunchy but buttery bread, warm gooey inside, and the smoked turkey went so well with everything inside that sandwich.

The tater tots were outrageously good – crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and very salty, but I liked it that way. And yes, I do like to individually put ketchup each tot on its own! 

They have several sandwich options of different kinds of cheese, fillings, and bread. They even have sweet sandwiches, including a Smore's melt. I'll be back for that one!

To find out where the gorilla cheese truck will be, follow them on Twitter @gcnyc1!


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