October 23, 2013

Lobo: Court Street (Brooklyn)

It’s been years since I hit up Lobo on 5th Avenue (that picture-poor post here), and when I heard there was a Court street location (just a 2 minute walk from the F train), I made plans to meet up with a friend who’d recently moved back to NYC.
I got there a little early and started with the regular house margarita—pleasingly tart, just a hint of sweet, and just an all-around great drink.
The bartender, Jenell, was welcoming and greeted me as warmly as he did all the regulars who came in the restaurant (and there were a lot of regulars). Even people walking by the restaurant would wave hello, making this spot feeling amazingly homey.
My favorite rita at Lobo is still the Sangre de Lobo (wolf's blood), made with cinnamon-infused tequila. This smells and tastes amazing. The cinnamon gives it a sweetness without a ton of sugar. This is absolutely one of my favorite margaritas in the world. La margarita mas favorito del mundo!

The menu is a sea of delicious options—from Tex-Mex to southern fried steak to brunchier options. I decided to try the chicken chimichanga—and you’d better be hungry if you order this! You get TWO very decent-sized chimichangas.
The chicken is delicious, it’s not overly seasoned, and the salad that comes on the side (and takes up half the plate) is fresh, crunchy, garlicky, and the perfect balance to the heavier, but so-satisfying, chicken dish). It's not greasy-heavy-- it's fried, yes, but surprisingly light, but it will fill you up, which is great if you're also a fan of their delicious margaritas!

My friend "II" ordered the shrimp & steak fajitas. She asked for no sour cream and no guacamole (2 of my favorite things!) and they happily accommodated her. She seemed to enjoy the food, too, and though she is not a margarita fan, they made her a virgin 'rita to enjoy as well. She was not expecting to like it that much-- there's still a lower expectation for Tex-Mex food in NYC, especially when you've lived anywhere that's known for it (as she & I both have)! She's happy to join me in another visit here!

Infused tequilas (pineapple, cinnamon & many more!)
The food is delicious, the margaritas are top-notch (and interesting!), but what puts this location above and beyond your regular joint is the service. Jenell and the other workers there clearly have earned a loyal following, and yet they were just as inclusive to us on our first visit there. We were immediately brought into the scene, and we'll happily return again. (This place IS cash only, but there's an ATM at the top of the stairs)

There are plenty of places to get a good margarita, and a decent number of great ones. But it's extremely rare to visit a place that so easily makes you feel like you're a regular on your very first trip. It's just staffed by nice people who are happy to see you, and I was impressed with how much that makes them stand out from the crowd.

This is NYC, baby, and there are so many options that you'd never need to go to the same place twice. Thanks to the great service at Lobo, we'll visit a third, fourth, fifth, and fiftieth time!

Thanks, Jenell & Company!

218 Court St
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 858-7739

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