November 08, 2013

Food Truck Friday: The Crêpes Truck

I do love a good crêpe-- sweet or savory!
I've been going to the Crêpe Truck for a while, but this is the first time it's appeared on the blog.

For the savory sample, I've ordered the Ham, Swiss & Herbs. The crêpe doesn't photograph that well, but trust me, it was tres delicieux.

As good as the ham crepe was (though I could do without the rosemary-- merci beaucoup), I'm definitely a sucker for a sweet crepe.

I have repeatedly ordered Le Triompe, which you can have with strawberries or bananas (or, like me, BOTH!)-- this is warm, delicious, and full of lush, ripe fruit.

Look at that beautiful crêpe! Perfectly browned, crispy on the edges, and full of deliciousness-- these keep me full for hours!

I've had both savory and sweet at this spot, but I always come back for the sweet crêpes!
To track the Crêpes truck, follow them on Twitter: @TheCrepesTruck!

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