January 22, 2014

Friend of a Farmer

I met my friend Jen for an early dinner at Friend of a Farmer.

We started with some of their trademark cornbread, topped with a spiced apple layer. This will keep you coming back for one more bite!

My entree was the peppered tuna with vegetables. This was perfectly cooked, but so absolutely overpowered by the cracked pepper that it's all I could taste. I scraped off most of the outside layer. 

A side of roasted Brussels sprouts for added veggies- these were pretty good.

Jen ordered another seafood dish: blackened trout over risotto. This was excellent, and so much better than my dish! 

Our dinners were light enough to leave us room for dessert: fresh fruit with a maple cream glaze. (Low light by the time this arrived). The fruit was good, but the maple cream glaze was incredible. I would have loved to have more than the two tablespoons they gave us, but it was easily the best thing I tasted all night. 
Overall, I wasn't crazy about my meal, thought it is a lovely location and I enjoyed the company. If I go back, I'll be sticking to breakfast!

Friend of a Farmer
77 Irving Pl
New York, NY 10003
(212) 477-2188

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