October 06, 2008

Maine: Jordan's

I do so love Bar Harbor (I basically love all of New England, especially Maine, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. This will no doubt become quite clear as this blog continues). It's a "big" feeling small town, sure, often crowded with tourists, but never as crowded as NYC! When ABF & I planned our first trip there together (we'd both been before but not with each other), he kept talking about Jordan's a must-stop for breakfast. It didn't take much convincing.

We made it our breakfast stop on our last morning. I couldn't get enough of the blueberries, so I ordered a blueberry muffin. Light, airy, but enough to it to feel like you were actually eating something.
Oooh--lots of berries in that cross-section.
We split an order of the blueberry pancakes. I do so love some blueberry overload--not only are the berries in the pancake, but they're in the rich, purplish syrup, too. Not too much sugar, just ripe, juicy, unadorned berries. The coffee was delicious, too--we brought home some Jordan's mugs to go. It's a no-frills, family-friendly spot with booths, counter seats, and formica tabletops. Breakfast was delicious, affordable, and quick--we'll be back for sure!
Jordan's Restaurant

80 Cottage Street

Bar Harbor, ME 04609‎

(207) 288-3586

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