October 03, 2008

Maine: Warren's Lobster House

One of our first stops on the East Coast trip was also one of our best. I didn't know much about Warren's before we visited--it was just right over the bridge from New Hampshire in Kittery, Maine.

Seafood isn't their only claim to fame--this place also has a killer salad bar. Every topping imaginable and THEN some, all kinds of greens, way more than your basic iceberg or romaine. I piled mine high with greens, beets, pickled fruit, hummus and more. Photo's pretty fuzzy, but I think that was my low blood sugar.

ABF's salad looks a lot more composed. Plenty of walnuts (I'm learning to love them thanks to his influence) and a lot more adventurous choosings than mine. This salad bar was so fresh that I have to say it was the best part of our meal.

You can't go to Maine and NOT get chowdah--and here it is--the lightest, silkiest, tangiest clam chowdah EVER. You could taste the slight zing of white wine in this. Phenomenal. This is one of the best chowders I've ever had. No contest.

I ordered the Lobster Newburg, a classic seafood dish. Warren's version has fresh haddock, scallops and shrimp baked in a hot casserole dish. They layered it with Newburg sauce (you could really taste the sherry in this version) and sourdough toast points. This was nice, but the chowder was still the star.

The claim on Warren's sign is no joke--this salad bar is like no other I've tried. I'm trying to figure out how I can get myself back here again ASAP for more salad and another bowl of that chowder!

Warren's Lobster House

11 Water Street

Kittery, ME 03904

(207) 439-1630

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