May 22, 2009

Random Acts of Baking

I had the day off (as in I'd already worked 20+ hours and there was no real reason for me to be in the office today, so enjoy the unpaid time off anyway!) today and decided to make a coffee cake. I reached for one of my favorite cookbooks, The Williams-Sonoma Essentials of Breakfast & Brunch. I LOVE this book. I even paid FULL PRICE for it (I get almost all of my cookbooks on sale/clearance normally) and it was worth every stinking penny.

I had all ingredients on hand: cake flour, walnuts (on sale at Fresh Direct!), and canola oil, for starters. I creamed the butter and sugar in a few minutes, added the dry ingredients, and swirled in the walnut/cinnamon/sugar topping. I'm thinking my oven might be running a bit hot these days, so instead of the recommended 55 minutes, I put it in for 45, and it was ready by then.

I know you're supposed to let it cool, but I couldn't wait! Is my baking getting better and better?

The answer is yes. Woo hoo!

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