May 23, 2009

Simply Delicious

One of the misconceptions that I constantly work to disprove is that eating healthy has to cost a lot. It really doesn't, if you know where to shop, what to make, etc. Take one of my favorite easy-to-make meals: rotisserie chicken & sautéed zucchini. The rotisserie chicken was on sale at; maybe 6 or 7 dollars? I put it in the oven for about 30 minutes just to warm it up, and while that was cooking I tidied up my sink and did a few other things around the house. With about 5 minutes left, I put the zucchini on in some olive oil and salt & pepper. A few minutes of tossing it around in the pan and it was good to go. For a nice change of pace, I used my microplane to finely shred some Gruyére cheese on top. It had a nice sharp edge to complement the veggies.

Total cost? About 8 dollars--and I had leftovers for 2 days! Granted, if you're feeding a family of four, there probably won't be leftovers, but you still can't beat 8 bucks for dinner--and it's delicious!

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