June 22, 2009

Cheap & Tasty

I had Kelli over for another pork tenderloin dinner. I used this recipe, but took some of my own liberties, of course. ;) Holly, I hope you enjoy the PBS connection!

I cooked the tenderloin on the stovetop, as per the recipe, but I'm not sure I like that method. I think I prefer the stovetop searing followed by about 20 minutes in the oven at around 350. It could be that this loin was a bit smaller than normal, but it usually comes out much juicier. I served it with steamed broccoli (with grated Velveeta on top, one of Kelli's favorites) and mushrooms sautéed in olive oil with a dash of salt & pepper.

We also had guac (made by Kel) and chips as our appetizer. Sort of an eclectic mix of foods, but tasty nonetheless. And hey, recession recipes are all about using whatever's handy and delicious. The avocados, which were on sale at FreshDirect.com(as well as the meat and vegetables--great sale this week!), were about to go bad. Total cost for this meal (and I have leftovers)?

Meat: 4.11
Broccoli: 1.50 a bunch
Mushrooms: 0.96 cents
Avocados: 3.50
Cilantro: 0.99 cents
Tomatoes: 2.00

Total: 13.06
(the chips were leftover from a party, and the other ingredients (garlic, sour cream, mustard) have been in my fridge for a while, so didn't cost anything out of pocket this go-round.

Happy Eating!

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Emig Family said...

Cooking isn't as fun unless you take some liberties with the recipes.

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