June 25, 2009

Sushi...and something new!

The BF and I went to another couple's house for dinner last week (yes, I'm deplorably behind on my posting!) There is a fabulous story behind meeting them. I booked W for an interview at my job back in May. As I walked her outside after the show, we found out we had 'met' once before, a year and a half ago, as we sat next to each other in a restaurant. We'd had this very memorable discussion about Chilean sea bass (and how it's neither from Chile NOR is it 'sea bass') and then, almost 18 months later, our paths crossed again! Awesome. One more reason I freaking love this huge/tiny city. W invited the BF & me to her apartment so we could meet her husband, J, and join them for dinner, and we made plans to do that the week we got back from vacation (was I really just on vacation a mere 3 weekends ago? Sigh).

They set a lovely and welcoming table for us: I adore this place setting. My friend Jenezuela has bowls similar to this, but I have never seen serving platters, etc. J told me he got them at Pearl River, a humongous store in Chinatown. I think that's where Jen got hers, too! I thought the plates with their slightly-upturned corners were just lovely. I'm saying 'lovely' too much. But it works. My fabulous BF mentioned during dinner that I take pictures of my food and blog about it. At first I wanted to faint from embarrassment, but what can you do? It's true! That's me! J jumped up from the table and retrieved his camera so I could take these shots. Otherwise I would have behaved myself and eaten like a normal person, sans camera. :)

The food came from nearby Aki Sushi on West 52nd Street, and I thought it was quite scrumptious. It was remarkably fresh. I don't know EVERYTHING about sushi, but I do know this.. if it tastes or smells 'fishy,' you're in for a world of hurt! This was fresh and clean-tasting and so delicious. The rice was light and fluffy, not heavy and dense. Reveling in the experience of dining with new acquaintances, I even tried something new! Something slightly daunting! I tried actual pieces of fish...raw! Not tiny dices surrounded by cream cheese, avocado and/or crabmeat, but a sliver of salmon atop a bed of rice. I know it might sound strange: I've eaten horse tongue in Russia, Gawdknowswhat in Venezuela, and yet in NYC, a slice of raw fish makes me hesitate. I decided that it was a night to be 'adventurous' (feel free to snicker, I deserve it), and I tried a slice of the salmon. It. was. FABULOUS! Not scary or slimy at all! I will definitely order that again...once I figure out what it's called. ;)

We also had a great time with the couple. They've been to Montréal, too, so we talked a lot about our vacation, and it turns out we almost followed their path when THEY went to Canada and came back down through Vermont. Life is funny!

J & W, thank you mightily for your hospitality and your company!!


Axelrod said...

I want those plates!
Also... I cannot believe I never knew you didn't eat real sushi. Let's go out and I'll show you what to order!

Anonymous said...

The "sakura" plates are fantastically beautiful, they have powdery blue background. I carried them in my store...one young woman ordered a whole set of 12 from dinner plates to salads, to sushi and soy dishes, along with tea cups and tea pot. I had them drop-shipped from my wholesaler to her.....but then she used them...when using a normal knife on the plates, the powdery blue got scratched....the whole set was returned....but I still LOVE them...I use them under my bonsai, cause I couldn't sell them...

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