June 30, 2009

New Favorite

I whipped up this recipe, Chicken in Creamy Chive Sauce, last week when the BF came over for dinner. All you need: chicken breasts, white wine, dijon mustard, chicken broth, light sour cream, shallots, and chives. Thaaaat's pretty much it. I had everything but the chives already in-house, making it the perfect Recession Recipe! The sauce is crack-tastic, and it's actually considered a 'healthy' recipe--I found it in an email from my EatingWell newsletter.

The BF whipped up HIS jaw-droppingly delicious chive-garlic butter to go on our whole wheat rolls (courtesy of FreshDirect!). This butter is beyond scrumptious. Apply a thin layer to your toast before plopping your eggs onto it and watch your breakfast's taste quotient skyrocket. I had better check with him before I give away his recipe, but feel free to try making something similar on your own--your taste buds will thank you. Just a tablespoon or two of herbs can elevate ordinary butter into an extraordinary treat.

I served this with some steamed broccoli, quinoa (I placed the chicken on top of the quinoa) and whole wheat rolls, but you could partner it with countless other sides.
Everything about this meal is simple and easy (except maybe, if you live in my neighborhood, finding fresh freaking chives!) You can have dinner on the table in a quick 25 minutes, and trust me, it's well worth trying. The chicken comes out soooo juicy and tender, and the minimal amount of Dijon gives just enough kick to the sauce without being overpowering. I suppose if you wanted to make the sauce thicker you could add more flour and sour cream, but I liked it as is, with a more broth-like appearance. In an effort to exercise portion control (and to make room for dessert, the chocolate molten cakes that are now one of my best dishes) I ate half my chicken that night and saved the other half for the next day's lunch (when the flavors in the sauce had infinitely multiplied in the most delicious way).

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MTL said...

This sounds fantastic. I can't wait to try it out. Thanks for the recipe.

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