August 18, 2009

Ballpark Eats

I was lucky enough to hit not one, but two Mets games last week! The first was on Monday, and it was a sweltering, sweltering night. I don't think I ever stopped sweating the whole evening. The Mets also lost by a crushing 10-1, so wahh-wahhh (sad trombone sound). However, the next night, Tuesday (against the Braves-feh), was a complete turnaround. Yes, still muggy, but our seats were awesome and we had our own little 'club!' My BF got some free seats from his office, so he and I and my friend Carlota hit up Citi Stadium for a night. As we entered Citi Field, I noticed the tickets said 'Promenade Club.' Wait..what!? Sounds sweet! I asked the helpful man standing outside ANOTHER club, and he directed us upstairs. Turns out there was a lovely, air-conditioned, private area where folks in our section could eat in the cool, order with little to no lines, and just enjoy the good life. :)

I ordered my first-ever sausage & peppers at a ballgame. It was pretty good! The sausage (spicy, not sweet) was a bit dry, but still flavorful, and the veggies were outstanding--perfectly crisp-tender, not soggy--you could still taste them!

My BF got the burger and fries--the crinkly fries are hands-down my favorite, and these were delicious. Salty, squishy, just right. And of course he shared a bite with me (and I did the same with my sausage & peppers). Thank goodness I got a guy who doesn't mind sharing!

Carlota got the chicken quesadilla, which was one hefty serving o' food. It had shredded, well-seasoned chicken inside, along with mucho queso. The quac and salsas that came with it were quite tasty as well. It was too much for even the three of us, but tasty for sure. There was something in the tortilla, though, and I couldn't quite place the flavor. It had these green flecks...could it have been basil? It was a smell that didn't quite go with the flavor of the meat and cheese, so it was a bit distracting at first. Solution: more guac! : )

We then left the air-conditioned coccoon of the Promenade Club and took our drinks out to our seats, which were great. We had an awesome view of the game, which took an Amazin' turn in the 4th inning, when, down 4-0, the Mets scored a remarkable EIGHT RUNS IN ONE INNING! And they held the lead the rest of the game to win! That's what I'm talkin' about!

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