August 02, 2009


Last weekend, my BF took me by a popular place to cool off during the hot summer weather in Lawn Guyland (aka Long Island). It's called Marvel, and I could tell as soon as we rounded the corner that it is one hot spot for cool treats.

Marvel sells soft serve ice cream and yogurt. Their flavors are kept to a minimum each day, and they offer sundaes, cones, and shakes. The line was long as I stepped up to the building, but they have employees in the parking lot and by the order windows to keep things moving. I also have to mention that the staff were absolutely super-sweet. They didn't roll their eyes when I didn't know exactly what I wanted, and the guy who took my order and my money was so friendly! Their service was top-notch, and everyone had a great attitude. How refreshing!

The BF knew exactly what he wanted: vanilla soft serve in a cup with hot chocolate sauce (not hot fudge) and chopped peanuts. It's something I'd never have ordered before (nuts on my ice cream? Perish the thought just a year or two ago), but BF has slowly gotten me to see how awesome these crunchy toppings can be on ice cream. I've gotten the message quite quickly with walnuts, but for some reason, peanuts are a harder sell. I placed the BF's order at the window, stalling to figure out what I wanted.
The family next to me took one look at BF's order and the dad said "I'll have one of those." I should have done the same! Instead, I ordered the predictable (and tasty) vanilla soft serve ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles. Not bad, but oh man... next time we go to Marvel, I am SO getting the BF's regular.

Also--soft serve melts even faster than ice cream in the summer heat. Fortunately, my BF didn't freak out even as sprinkles began falling and pinging around inside his gorgeous vehicle. He did volunteer to take a helpful 'bite' out of my cone. Don't worry, I cleaned up any sprinkly debris later :) At least his order was more self-contained.

258 Lido Blvd
Lido Beach, NY 11561
(516) 889-4232

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