August 23, 2009

Bean There, Ate That

I'm trying out a few new recipes before this week's 24/24/24 dinner on Saturday. One dish I plan on serving is a white bean dip with garlic. Holy moley is this dip tasty. I tried a new variation, this one from Giada di Laurentiis. She uses raw garlic, not roasted, so I decided to give it a whirl. You probably have everything to make this dip right in your kitchen NOW--try it! It takes a matter of minutes to whip up a creamy, satisfying, and even HEALTHY treat that tastes quite decadent: cannellini beans, olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic! Throw it all in the food processor (my mini-Cuisinart is the perfect size for this!), pulse for 30 seconds, and... ta-daaaaaah!

My only complaint is that the raw garlic is quite pronounced. In fact, it made me a little burpy. Good thing I live alone. ;) When I make it again later this week, I'll be roasting the garlic. I think a dip as creamy as this should also have a creamy flavor. Don't get me wrong, I'm still eating this version, but for a party, I think roasted garlic will be a friendlier flavor.

While watching a Barefoot Contessa episode I'd DVR'ed, Ellie Krieger had a 30 second blurb where she shared HER recipe. It had more beans, less olive oil, and a little more lemon, plus the roasted garlic. Serendipity! I think I'll be using her version for this weekend. Updates coming!

Seriously--go make this dip now. Just have some Beano first.

1 comment:

Halcyon said...

Sounds a bit like hummus but with different beans. I love all types of bean dips though. Maybe I'll try this one, but I'll probably just use the garlic powder since I'm lazy!

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