October 06, 2009

C is for Cookie

and M is for Mel! My dear friend (and coworker again-yay!) Mel has been on a baking blitz of late. I have been more than happy to sample just about everything she's tried. Her latest creation was the star of our weekly meeting today! She made some fantastic chocolate chip cookies from a recipe that's darn near identical to that of famous bakery here in NYC. While Levain does not post their own recipes, they do recognize that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and they post some of their fans' attempts at replicating the deliciousness that put them on the map.  

These are some serious cookies, let me tell you! They are dense, but not heavy, filled with just enough chocolate (but not too much) and oh-so-yummy. Mel used the recipe titled "Judy's Kitchen," and of course, added her own delicious touches. I was more than happy to sample a cookie during our meeting...and then sample another one, you know, just to make sure the batch was consistently scrumptious. :)

Thanks, Mel!!!

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