October 07, 2009

Sushi on the Cheap

Carlota & I went once again to our favorite sushi spot: May's Place in the East Village(on 2nd Ave between 7th and 8th). Their rolls (the Stomp roll is pictured to the left) are half-off every day--after 5pm, I believe. And man, are these rolls good. I mean, really good. Fresh, tasty, always high-quality.

But first things first: we cannot start out at May's without getting the pork gyoza (crispy fried dumplings). These are a DOLLAR a dish, people! That's 20 cents a dumpling! Carlota, we SO should have gotten two of these. ;)

Getting back to the rolls: my favorite used to be the shrimp tempura (left), but Carlota introduced me to the Godzilla roll (right), and that stomped all over the shrimp! It has the crispy outside, crunchy (but not raw) broccoli on the inside...so good, we ordered TWO! I probably could have eaten more, but we branched out to try something new: the Stomp roll. It has smoked salmon, cream cheese, crab, and cucumber, I believe, topped with salmon roe and eel sauce, maybe? I loved smoked salmon, but this roll was a little disappointing. The smokiness of the salmon overwhelmed every other flavor. It also clashed badly with my 5.00 glass of red. ;)

We sat at the bar for the first time, and while we were tucked away in a corner, we also had a great view of the sushi chefs in action. Octopus, anyone?

I asked one of the sushi chefs if I could take his picture, and he was more than happy to oblige! As I was snapping it, a waitress came up to take a plate and said 'Oh, no photos, please!' I said "Oh my goodness-really?" and she said 'Just kidding!' Close call! Nice to know they have a sense of humor as well as delicious food!

I know I'll be back, but I'll remember to stick to the house white (also 5.00) next time. Pass on the house red, enjoy everything else..especially the Godzilla roll!

May's Place
121 E 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10003

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