October 21, 2009

Duck Walk Vineyards

This past weekend, amid the drizzly, windy, rainy weather (which knocked me out for most of the week with a bout of bronchitis...but I digress), ABF and I journeyed out to Long Island's South Fork with Yoga Jen and her BF. It was their first trip out there, so we took them to one of my favorite wineries: Duck Walk Vineyards. This is the place that makes THE Chardonnay I like (because I really don't like them, normally). Duck Walk's 2007 Reserve, however, is amazing. It's smooth and buttery and delicious, and I almost always bring a bottle (14.95) home with me.

Three of us opted for the wine tasting: 4.00 gets you 5 wines. ABF was driving, so he just came to look. :) Such a responsible mensch!

The awesome Chardonnay was my first taste, of course. The second wine I chose was the Blue Duck Cabernet Sauvignon. I enjoy saying Cabernet Sauvignon more than I enjoy drinking it. ;) This was probably my least favorite. It was very light, too light for me. I described it as 'watery,' which probably isn't very helpful to you, but makes perfect sense to me.

Aside from the Chardonnay, I tend to favor their dessert wines. Their blueberry port has been one of their best-selling items for years. They serve it with a piece of chocolate, and recommend you sip the port first, then take a bit of chocolate and sip again, noting how the chocolate and blueberry flavors complement each other. I have several friends who are fans of this stuff. It makes a great gift, tastes wonderful on its own or drizzled over ice cream. It's intensely flavored, and a little goes a long way, so one bottle (18.95) will last a while.

We were surprised to hear that the blueberry port is currently falling into second place as a hot seller. The boysenberry wine is now in first place. I was especially surprised because I didn't care for the boysenberry the last time ABF and I tasted it (sometime this summer/spring). The man pouring for us said it tastes a little different every time they bottle it, and it's a lot tarter now. You taste a little sweetness at first, but the tartness of the berry dominates in a wonderful way. I liked this a LOT better this time around, and I think it was one of Yoga Jen's favorites.

After the tasting, we did a little shopping. Okay, a lot of shopping. I brought home the 2005 Merlot (14.95), the Windmill Blush (a fruity, slightly sweet blend 9.95) and my all-time favorite there, the amazingly flavorful Ice Wine (a bargain at 22.95). Don't worry..I'll balance out my spending by pairing these with food I cook at home! :)


Axelrod said...

I wanna go next time!
I LOVE ice wine and that blueberry port sounds great!

Amelia said...

Not a wine person - but did enjoy hearing about your trip.

The omelot looks delish...and I bet it tasted that way too!

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