July 26, 2010

Sweet Simplicity

(I know, I know, I've been restaurant-heavy lately on the blog. Listen, it's hot as all hell in NYC right now, and 10x hotter in my kitchen, so we're keeping things light and breezy. But THIS recipe, my friends, is worth heating up the house...and it only takes a few minutes under the broiler!!)

Got 5 minutes? Then you can whip up an amazing, sweet-tart dessert that tastes like summer..and it features one of my very favorite fruits: raspberries! Once again, thank you, Deb @ SmittenKitchen.com!!!

Three ingredients--THREE--are all you need, and I bet you have them on hand already: raspberries, sour cream, brown sugar. Fold the raspberries (or any summer berry) and the sour cream (or Greek yogurt or regular yogurt) together gently and spread in a shallow dish, such as this lovely little number from IKEA (love!)

Crumble the brown sugar on top and pop it under the broiler until it starts caramelizing. HOLY. YUM. Your guests don't need to know how easy it is to assemble!

Sure, it won't be the most delicate-looking dessert ever to leave your kitchen, but I promise you it will go over like gangbusters with your guests. Or just you.

Eat it right away. Just do it. Make it. Enjoy it. I did.

I also split the recipe, making only half the amount for myself, and making mini-gratins in 2 small ramekins, which I ate the next morning with breakfast. Sure, the sugar isn't crunchy anymore, but the flavors will still make your tongue sing.

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Weight Loss Tips said...

This will be a nice easy recipe to use up some of my over abundant fruit shopping. I just can't help it this time of year when they all look so good and want to come home with me.

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