July 08, 2010

Ammos Estiatorio: Desserts

With all the food we'd scarfed in appetizers and entrées at Ammos, you might think we'd skip dessert. Unless you're not new here and you know me. Of COURSE we got dessert! We first ordered some crazy rich, thick Greek coffee, so intense and flavorful that a tiny espresso cup's worth is more than enough.

One person got the baklava and shared--crispy, sweet, yummy triangles of phyllo dough.

That tiny scoop of something on the far right? Ouzo ice cream!

I also got ice cream, and chose fig and Greek coffee as my flavors. I looove figs (Fig Newtons are actually one of my favorite cookies in the world) and heck yeah I love coffee. These were sooo good. Tiny, chewy bits of fresh fig were scattered throughout the smooth and not-too-sweet ice cream. The Greek coffee was super intense and super delicious. I shared it with others and the coffee hit a home run with almost everyone.

Patty got the ouzo ice cream--both scoops were the same flavor. I don't really care for black licorice or anything with licorice flavoring, but this was surprisingly lovely. The licorice was softer, not so harsh, and I actually took a second bite. It had a clean, fresh flavor. Opa!

If you're in the neighborhood, definitely stop by for dessert--I liked it even more than our main courses!

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