August 19, 2011

Birthday Dinner- Alias

I have a long-running 'list,' a compilation of the places I want to eat in this awesome city I call home. It keeps changing and growing, but Alias has been on it for a good 5 years or so. When I found out the bar I'd picked for my birthday happy hour was STEPS from Alias, that clinched it!

Alias is a tiny little spot on Clinton street, and even though we were a bit late (who wants to leave a birthday party on time?) for our reservation, they still graciously saw us to our table.

They brought us some bread and walnut pesto. The pesto was so amazing that we vowed to make it at home as soon as possible! Soooo good! I couldn't really tell a difference, and since walnuts are much cheaper than pine nuts (and so healthy for you!), it's a double-win!

I ordered the 76 Passion for my cocktail--passion fruit purée, vodka and simple syrup. Sweet and summery. So lovely.

I ordered the bacon-wrapped trout because hello, I love fish! And wrapping it in bacon makes it even better! This was fantastic--I wished I'd had more of it--always a good sign.

ABF ordered the skirt steak with a generous bed of cilantro, and two of the most delicate and delicious potato croquettes you can imagine. Wow.

Alias was every bit as delicious as I'd heard, and a fantastic dinner spot for both of us! This is worth a return visit and then some--and you'll probably eat every last bite of your dishes just like we did.

76 Clinton Street
New York, NY 10002
(212) 505-5011

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