August 02, 2011

Cool Eats: Cold Noodle Salad

All this week I'm featuring "Cool Eats," recipes that require little to no stovetop time; perfect recipes to take the edge off that summer heat!

This cold Asian noodle salad takes a little time in the kitchen-- or you can also use leftovers to make it even simpler. It's a tangy, cool, salty salad that is even better the next day! Thanks to Jen A for bringing this delectable dish into my life. It's the perfect pairing with a cold beverage on a hot summer day.

We started with some local zucchini I bought through were on sale for 50 cents EACH! Score!

Also from FreshDirect--rainbow chard. Check out those colors--aren't they stunning? Gorgeous green, fiery fuschia--all natural, no yellow Dye Number 3 or what have you.

First stovetop move: boil up some soba noodles--those only take a quick 3 minutes or so, then drain and cool.

A quick sauté of some veggies (we used squash, chopped sugar snap peas, scallions), chicken and tofu and we were good to go. A toss of everything with a cracktastic sauce (recipe below) and a generous toss of toasted sesame seeds and this dish will have you feeling happy and healthy. Chill it before serving--and save those leftovers, because it's even BETTER the next day.

This is an easily-adaptable recipe: don't follow it letter-for-letter. Scrounge through your fridge and add leftover veggies, a little bit of this, some of that, and it will always be delicious (and affordable)!

Cold Noodle Salad (Credit: Jen A)

2 cups leftover/sautéed veggies
handful soba noodles
1 cup chicken/tofu (or combo)
Toasted sesame seeds

1/2 cup soy sauce
1/4 cup rice wine vinegar
2 T toasted sesame oil
2 garlic cloves, smashed or minced
1 T honey
2 T green onions (green part)
Toasted sesame seeds

Add first 5 ingredients, mix thoroughly. Add green onions & seeds at end. Splash over salad, reserve the rest for later (also great for dunking dumplings!)

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