August 22, 2011

Happy BirthWeek to Me!

Doesn't this look delicious? It's a FREE cone of CoffeeCoffeeBuzzBuzz ice cream from Ben & Jerry's. If you sign up for "ChunkMail," the Ben & Jerry's newsletter, they'll send you coupons right before your birthday for a free cone AND a $3 coupon for any ice cream cake. (The newsletter only comes about once a month, so it won't add too much clutter to your inbox) I'm more of a regular cake than ice cream cake person, so I opted for the cone. Plus, it's a more travel-friendly option. I picked up this cone in the Rockefeller Center store, just steps from work. Delicious!

Another nice feature--the coupon is good for the WEEK of your birthday, so if you're busy on your actual birthday, like I was (blessed with friends and family wishing me well and celebrating all day with me), you can still get your ice cream a day or two or even SEVEN later!

Go here to sign up for the newsletter, aka free ice cream!!

PS: Even though it's free, I usually like to leave a dollar (or even 50 cents) in the tip jar, as long as they're nice and friendly and whatnot. I'm not saying you have to, but it's the nice thing to do!

1 comment:

Halcyon said...

This gave me a severe craving for ice cream!!

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