August 27, 2011


As we watch and wait for Hurricane Irene, we're also trying to have fun. I whipped up this take on a Hurricane while I made my Hurricane Chicken (recipe soon!) I didn't have the traditional hurricane glass, but you gotta make do in times of inclement weather.

Hurricane recipes vary like you wouldn't believe, but in this case, I just used what I had: dark rum, white rum, and instead of grenadine, I used raspberry lemonade (from our pre-storm stockup at Target!)

It's basically equal parts of each rum, 2 parts lemonade, and to boost the color and fruity flavor, a swirl of Chambord liqueur (not shown). Listen--you can't mess up this drink, and with the storm brewing, I had to make do with what I had on hand!

I didn't have maraschino cherries on me, so I used a fresh raspberry to top it off--cheers!

LKP's Hurricane:

1 part dark rum
1 part white rum
2 parts raspberry lemonade (or OJ or fruit punch, etc)
splash of Chambord (Cointreu or Grand Marnier would be nice, too)

Add first 3 ingredients and ice to shaker, shake it up about 15 seconds. Pour over ice in glass, add splash of Chambord, top with raspberry (or any other fruit). Enjoy!

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