March 06, 2012

A Salt & Battery

As you may already know, ABF spent almost 7 months last year living in London. I think he's kind of missing it (in fact, I'm pretty sure), and I know I'm always longing for another visit. I decided that for Leap Year (aka Sadie Hawkins Day), I would treat ABF to some good old fish & chips in NYC's unofficial "Little Britain."

A Salt & Battery is a tiny space--only a handful of seats inside--but oh is it worth squeezing in and snagging a seat!

The menu is pretty basic-- a few different types of fish, bangers & mash, and other typical British fare. Yum!

We started off with some adult beverages--an icy-cold Strongbow (hard apple cider) for me. Crisp, tart, with just enough sweetness.

ABF ordered a Fullers London Pride beer. I'm not so into the beer, so I declined his offer to try it.

For my fried fish, I went with the haddock (my second choice if cod is not available), getting the smaller portion, which rings up at around 8 bucks. Their parsley (?)-tinged tartar sauce is FANTASTIC.

ABF ordered the same size but got the pollock (also $8). They were both delicious, and I am pretty sure I couldn't tell the difference between the 2 fish in a blind taste test.

It wouldn't be fish & chips without the chips (which come separately at A Salt & Battery)--these were quite tasty--meaty bits of potato, not too-cooked.

And our favorite side: mushy peas. These aren't as GREEN as the ones at Chip Shop, but they are just as delicious. So good.

We shared some typical British treats--a deep-fried Mars Bar ($4)--which to me is like a Milky Way but somehow so much better. It's super-rich, so splitting it was a good idea. Melty, caramel, deliciousness.

ABF ordered the banana fritter ($4), which probably makes your American mind think of a large, fried dough funnel cake type dessert, but this is literally just a deep fried banana. A ripe, sweet, almost melt in your mouth banana. Good, but I'd say the Mars bar was better.

It's not fancy-shmancy, but the food at A Salt & Battery is flat-out delicious. Tender, flaky fish that's not burnt to a crisp, savory mushy peas and tasty chips--and deep-fried desserts! Leave your passport at home and have a tasty meal in NYC!
A Salt & Battery
112 Greenwich Avenue
New York, NY 10011
(212) 691-2713

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