June 11, 2012

Brunching in Bay Ridge

I've lived in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn for quite a while, and yet there are still so many delicious places to try. I'm fortunate enough to have friends near and far who aren't adverse to traveling for a good time.

A new friend, K, whom I met through Jen A, has been going to Hom for quite a while, and spoke so highly of it that we jumped on a Living Social deal that included 2 entrées and 2 glasses of their famous sangria for just under 30 dollars. Four of us met on an overcast, super-warm Saturday and were quickly seated out back. The skies looked like they were about to open up, but we decided to live on the edge. ;) (It turned out just fine--not a drop of rain fell!)

Sangria's a lovely thing, but first I need to cool down and pep up with some iced coffee. This was a huge, strong serving of just what I needed--tart, just-acidic-enough coffee ($4).

We did also enjoy a carafe of their white sangria, which goes down very easily! It tastes like white grape juice with peachy overtones, and it is quite refreshing on a muggy summer day. I hear the red sangria is also delicious (next trip!)

A complimentary pile of carbs came out next--from raisin-studded bread to tiny chocolate-chip muffins (as delicious as they were adorable) to flaky, buttery biscuits--this was all too tempting.

I still struggle with mixing sweet & savory, so I had butter on one half and some scrumptious, light strawberry jam on the other. And then later, I had another one, just like that one. Equally nommable.

Jen A ordered the peach pancakes ($12.95), which were fluffy buttermilk pancakes with cinnamon-spiced peaches and a thick, peachy syrup on top of them. I had a few bites of this dish--very yummy! I eat pancakes maybe twice a year, but these were tasty!

The other 3 of us ordered the Green Eggs & Ham (12.95), an omelet with onions, peppers, mushrooms, Swiss cheese and pesto! Pesto in eggs! My new favorite combo! They will gladly hold the peppers, onions, mushrooms, or whatever you like--but I got mine fully loaded.

Seriously--I can't wait to harvest my basil, make some pesto, and put it on eggs! This dish was singing with the flavors of fresh veggies, melty cheese, and that just-enough-touch of pesto. Wow.

It turns out we could only use one of the Living Social deals that day, so we'll have to come back a few more times. It's not cheap, but it's not outrageous either--and the flavors are fantastic. If you're in or near Bay Ridge, try brunch at Hom! They serve it Wednesday-Sunday!


8804 3rd Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11209

(718) 238-4466

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