June 18, 2012

Time for Tapas: Olea

I met my friend Holly for tapas in Fort Greene, Brooklyn at a place known for a fantastic happy hour. With half-price drinks, half-price tapas, and a low-key, welcoming vibe, Olea Mediterranean Taverna is a favorite of Holly's, and a few bites in I could see why.

Two red wine sangrias to start: the sangria has a delicious, fresh blackberry flavor. It's not too sweet-- sometimes sangria can taste like super-sweet fruit juice. Olea's sangria has a nice balance between the wine and the fruit. Delicious and half-price, and it went down oh-so-easily!

We started with a few small plates: silky, garlicky, and chock-full of cucumbers, with tasty whole wheat pita -delicious.

We also got a favorite of both of ours: bacon wrapped dates with almond slivers inside. Okay, fine, we got TWO orders of this!

Holly convinced me to order the lamb meatballs. Lamb is not a common choice for me. Aside from the amazing lamb chili at the New York Vintners meal (LINK HERE) I don't normally enjoy it that much. These, however, were amazing.

Spiked with cinnamon, Soft, but still holding together, with a tangy, zingy melted goat cheese topping, these were fantastic. I could have gone for another order of these in a heartbeat!

I always order patatas bravas when I get tapas--and these were exceptional. Perfectly crisp but not greasy, with a harissa-spiked mayo that wasn't that spicy.

We ate our fill, had a couple of drinks, enjoyed the people-watching outdoors and just enjoyed a lovely evening in Brooklyn. Personally, I think it's pretty easy to enjoy Brooklyn. ;)

Our bill came to a grand total of $19 per person. That's for 3 drinks pp and more than enough food. What a deal! Even after leaving a nice tip, we still spent easily half what that would cost anywhere else.

I'll be back there in a heartbeat for another day of tapas and sangria-- and if you stop by yourself, let me know!

Olea Mediterranean Taverna

171 Lafayette Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11238

(718) 643-7003

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