April 19, 2011

Little Thai Kitchen

A friend & I tried in vain to hit up Angelo Sosa's Social Eatz restaurant on a rainy afternoon, only to find it was closed to prepare for dinner--there went our plans for a late lunch! Across the street, we saw a teeny-tiny Thai place and opted for that. Patty remembered going there ages ago.

They aren't kidding with the 'little' part. A total of 4 or 5 tables, a max of 10-12 people, fit in the narrow space. We grabbed a two-top closer to the window and got the lunch special: $11 for an appetizer and entrée!

I start almost every visit to a Thai place with my favorite: Thai iced coffee. This is super-charged coffee with sweetened condensed milk. Not low-cal, but such a good, cooling treat with your spicy dishes!

I adore Tom Yum soup, a sweet-sour combo that warms the belly and clears the sinuses. This version had shrimp. It was more sweet than sour, so it was a bit too much for me. I ate all the onions, though. :)

Patty started with the vegetarian dumplings. Nicely presented, tasty, she enjoyed them.

I ordered shrimp pad thai, and was shocked to see an ENORMOUS bowl o' noodles set before me. This was at LEAST a pound of cooked pasta. Holy oversized portion. The lemon instead of lime wasn't doing it for me. This whole dish wasn't doing it for me.

The winner of that day was Patty's dish, the beef with ginger. It smelled heavenly and was a lovely mix of beef, carrots, baby corn, and peppers. I'd go back for this just because she loved it so much, but I'd skip the pad thai, and the shrimp in general.

Little Thai Kitchen
231 E 53rd St # 1
New York, NY 10022-4820
(212) 644-5353

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