April 20, 2011

Petey's Burger

I went to visit a friend in Queens this week. While we visited and caught up, she treated me to lunch at one of her favorite burger spots: Petey's Burger in Astoria. She likened it to In-N-Out Burgers (the famous California chain) and that was good enough for me!

Petey's makes their name by specializing in 3 things and those 3 things only: burgers, fries, and shakes. We each ordered a cheeseburger, fries, and split a strawberry shake.

My burger was sooo good--juicy but well-done, pickles, onions, and a tomato so fresh that I actually opened my burger to get a closer look. It's not really tomato season yet, so I usually remove the yellowish, mealy specimens called 'tomatoes' right now--but this one was beautiful.

The fries are tasty--not heavy or too starchy, just enough crunch to them, and I ate far more than I planned to-always the sign of a good fry.

The strawberry shake was surprisingly fresh, with bits of real, fresh strawberries. Not the gloppy, gooey strawberries you get in jams, but honest to goodness fresh pieces of berry. Win!

I give Petey's a definite 'visit' tip if you're in Astoria--fresh, solid American classics!

Petey's Burgers
30-17 30th Avenue
NY 11102
(718) 267-6300


CJ said...

I've only had Petey's once after moving a friend in down the block. It was such a great treat after all that moving. Sooo yummy. Now I must go back.

Alison Chevalier said...

You have to love a place that wraps their burgers in little paper bags. Would love to try one!

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