April 05, 2011

What's for dinner? DESSERT!!

ABF & I met his parents at Clovis Point Wines last weekend---they were debuting their summer rosé! (post soon) ABF's parents had already eaten lunch, but we hadn't, so we compromised: coffee & dessert time! Isn't being an adult awesome??? Dessert for dinner! We drove down the road to Mattituck and brought ABF's parents to another favorite place: Love Lane Kitchen.

In the 30 seconds it took us to walk from the car to the restaurant, the sign went from "Come In: We're Open" to "Sorry-We're Closed." It happened so quickly that I wondered if I'd imagined seeing the "Open" part! However, there were several tables of people inside, so we came in and asked if they were open. It turns out they shut down for a few hours to get ready for dinner. I think our faces all fell with disappointment!

The server quickly saved the day, saying since we just wanted dessert and coffee, they could accomodate us, as long as we didn't mind vacuuming and other cleaning going on. Listen...you can drive a train through that dining room as long as I have that rice pudding!

We walked up to the self-serve coffee bar, loaded up on hot caffeine, and happily admired the always-gorgeous floral arrangements while we waited for our delicious treats to arrive.

That rice pudding is exactly what I ordered--no second-guessing or hesitation. It. Is. AWESOME.

ABF ordered his favorite, the red velvet cake (which is like the 1-2-3 cake his grandmother used to make). I'm not crazy about this, but it is good. It's just that my love for the rice pudding will not make room for any other dessert.

And he is such a sweetie that he shared some with me. I heart that guy. :)

ABF's mom ordered the cheesecake, which was super dense and probably my least favorite dish there. Listen, it's tough competing with the pudding. I feel bad for all of the other desserts.

ABF's dad ordered the mixed berry tart a la mode. He said this was too good to share. As good as the rice pudding? Doubtful. ;)

Everyone really enjoyed their desserts, and we were extra grateful that the LLK staff was so welcoming when we were so hungry. Just one more experience at Love Lane Kitchen that made us love it even more!

Love Lane Kitchen
240 Love Lane
Mattituck, NY 11952-3223
(631) 298-8989

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