April 01, 2011

Trader Joe's Taco Dip

I have a long-standing, deep-seated, everlasting love for Trader Joe's. Their products are usually fresh and tasty, always affordable, and the store in general is just FUN. Almost everything I've tried there has been a hit. Almost.

I'll admit the cover photo drew me in to the 5-layer dip. What's not to love? Vibrant colors, oozy cheese, cool sour cream, and chopped scallions. And honestly, Trader Joe's is usually pretty good about the package photo representing the actual product.

FAIL. Big old fail. Never mind that it looks hardly anything like the photo--it was also like a big, soupy, mushy mess of salt. PASS.

I put a hearty dollop of Trader Joe's Greek Yogurt on top since there was barely any sour cream visible in the actual dip. This also helped to cut through some of the overwhelming saltiness.

Don't worry, Trader Joe's--I can't stay mad at you. Nobody bats 1000! Next time I'll make my own dip with Trader Joe's ingredients--duly noted!

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