April 06, 2011

Fast & Spicy

I met ABF downtown for a quick lunch date and we felt like having Indian. We met at Bombay's Indian Cuisine(formerly a Baluchi's) and managed to snag a table in the middle of the FiDi (Financial District) lunch rush.

Bombay is set up in a cafeteria style--they have a small but varied menu, pre-made drinks (including lassis!), and trays. Grab a drink, grab a tray, order your food, and you're served in seconds. A plus when you only have a short time for lunch.

While I saved our table, ABF went up to the line and ordered our food. Such a gent, that guy. :)

Look at those prices! We couldn't NOT get samosas (they were a dollar!)

ABF had never had one before, so I was quite happy to bring that deliciousness into his life. So good!

We each got the chicken tikka masala combo, which came with rice and saag paneer (spinach with a cream-cheesy type blend). While fast is good, how it tastes is more important. This was quite possibly one of the most succulent CTMs I have ever had. I was shocked at how tender and tasty the meat was. Kabob chicken often comes to you all dry and tough and overcooked..but not there! This was just great, and for 8 bucks total? Top that! It was more than I could possibly finish, but that's okay.

So while this was ABF's first taste of samosas, I finally broke down and had some garlic naan. I may never go back to regular naan again. Soft, chewy, garlicky---carb heaven!

As seen above in the first photo, I did pick up a mango lassi. It was tart, not too sweet, and just creamy enough to cool off my tongue from the surprisingly spicy chicken tikka.

I am by no means an 'expert' in Indian food, but I do know a tasty chicken tikka masala when I have one. If you're in the Financial District and want a good, affordable lunch option--come here, and come hungry! (And if you have room after, you can take 10 steps to your right and get coffee at Fika!!)

Thanks again to ABF for a delicious, tasty lunch--as if getting to spend some extra time with ABF weren't delicious enough on its own!

Bombay's Indian Cuisine
60 Pearl Street
New York, NY 10004
(212) 742-2222

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Anonymous said...

I have supper there every night and the food is always awesome.

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