June 20, 2012

Frank's Steaks

Frank's steaks has a long history in Rockville Centre, Long Island. Formerly the Lincoln Inn, Frank's has made a name for itself with their skirt steak, which Zagat once called the 'best skirt steak in the world.'

ABF & I were there for a special group event, and our party took up quite a few tables.

My appetizer: Caesar salad. This is pretty basic--it came with a very citrusy, light dressing instead of the standard heavy, creamy dressing. It also had nice shavings of fresh Parmesan and lots and lots of croutons, which I definitely picked out of there. Yeah, I'm that person.

ABF ordered the French onion soup and it was gorgeous! This was so good with delicious melted mozzarella just oozing over the side. Perfectly browned/broiled spots dotted the cheesy top, and delicious pieces of chunky onion bread floated inside. the best part about this soup--it's not overly salty! Just right, balanced, soothing. I'd definitely get this next time over the salad.

As I mentioned, Frank's earned a lot of its reputation for their Roumanian skirt steak, marinated in duck sauce, garlic, and Worcestershire (among other flavors). I ordered the 'petite' fillet, which comes in at 8 ounces over the standard 16 ounces. This was more than enough for me. It also came with light, refreshing creamed spinach (you could actually taste the spinach!)and decadently silky mashed potatoes (no doubt made with heavy cream and lots of roasted garlic--oh so good). I couldn't finish off the petite plate, even, so this was plenty.

ABF ordered the New York Strip streak--this was succulent! I might have to go for this if we go back--it was much less sweet than my skirt steak.

ABF ordered a glass of their house Merlot which his go-to drink. I ordered a glass of the house Pinot Noir and for once, we both preferred what I ordered! As you know, I often develop 'order envy' with whatever ABF gets--he just has 'the knack.' This time, though, I felt the Merlot was too sweet, while the Pinot Noir was light and a perfect complement to the already sweet-and-salty steak.

The steak tastes very similar to quite possibly the best skirt steak ever had, and that's at the York Grill (on NYC's Upper East Side). Surprisingly, York Grill has not made an appearance on this blog yet but is still, to me, one of the best restaurants in New York .

The best part about Frank Steaks was the service. They greeted every customer there as if they were regulars (and true, many were), but even us! We were a very large party, at least 15, and our server didn't miss a step. He was nice without being 'too nice' or overbearing. He got everyone's order right (impressive), checked on us at the right times, and was really good at what he did. They have lots of little touches, too, like the rock candy sugar stirrer with my cappuccino.

Note--Frank's is not an inexpensive place. Even the chicken entrées come in at around 30 dollars. However, it's satisfying, well-done food with top-notch service. If you're looking for a special occasion, if you want a really nice meal with welcome home service, Frank's is a great place to go.

Frank's Steakhouse

54 Lincoln Avenue

Rockville Centre, NY

Phone: (516) 536-1500

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