May 03, 2013


I met up with a friend for a quick mid-day lunch at burger one of the few burger places I actually HAVEN'T tried yet in New York City: Brgr (for people too busy to spell out the whole word?)

Brgr's menu features grass-fed meats and an almost dizzying array of options for your burger toppings and even the type of bread (or just a lettuce leaf) you want.

I went with the Ranch Burger: grass-fed beef wrapped in a lettuce leaf instead of the bun. It's topped with bacon and jack cheese (one of my favorite foods on EARTH).

I also decided to splurge and get a good old-fashioned root beer float--it was hot that day!

My coworker went with the veggie burger, which she swears is delicious. She also shared her small order of fries, which were thinly-sliced, salty, and pretty good.

My burger was so tender and delicious-- the salty, crispy bacon, creamy avocado and pepperjack cheese were the perfect additions. I don't know if it's psychosomatic but I swear you really can taste the difference in grass-fed beef. You could cut through this burger like it was hot butter on a summer day.

The service was quick and friendly, the burgers were delicious and tender, and it's always good time for a root beer float!


287 7th Ave


(212) 488-7500

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