May 07, 2013

Gigi's Cupcakes (OK)

I recently traveled to Oklahoma-- one of the 5 states (MA, RI, TX, OK, and now NY) where I have lived my fabulous life, to welcome my Very First Nephew to the world. This week's posts are all about the yumminess I got to eat while there. Hey, a girl's gotta eat, even if it's around the very demanding schedule of a baby in no particular rush to get here!

After our lunch at Rib Crib (that post here), Holly and I wanted something sweet. She said she suggested Gigi's Cupcakes, a store that just happened to be on the way to her house. Easy peasy! We walked in and the smell of fresh vanilla and baked goods surrounded us in the most delectable way.
There were lots of Spring & Easter-themed cupcakes-- they have a lot of fun keeping up with the seasons/holidays! Peeps cupcakes!
We ordered four of the cupcakes, which tower high and tantalizingly with delicious buttercream frosting. I was taken in by the beauty of the wedding cupcake, a miniature version of a wedding cake with more frosting frankly than cupcake.

Holly's favorite is the margarita cupcake, and I was delighted to learn she would share some with me! It has lime frosting and sugar crystals on top. We also picked up a banana pudding and a S'Mores.
The wedding cake was good, and I love frosting, but that was too much frosting even for me. However that's an easy problem to solve: just don't eat it all! The cupcake was delicious; light and moist with rich vanilla frosting.
I didn't try the S'mores cupcake, but I did try the banana pudding one the very next day. It was good, but my favorite part actually was the banana pudding inside. Holy tastesplosion-- that was so delicious, they should sell it separately on its own. Oh my goodness I wish there were more of that delicious pudding filling.

The margarita cupcake, however, stole the show. This is super moist with the perfect sweet and sour flavor combination. Not too sour, balanced with a sweet tartness, and the frosting was just perfect. It had just the right amount of sweetness and the dusting of sugar crystals gave it a nice crunch. Once again, Holly picks a winner. I'd go back and get this one!

Overall Gigi's cupcakes are delicious, are beautifully presented and yes, I love the extra frosting. I realize some people might not like that so much -you can always scrape off the frosting that you don't want. What a lovely problem to have!

Gigi's Cupcakes
14101 N. May Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 286-6200

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