August 15, 2013

El Centro

In the west 50s, where I once worked during my days at the talk show, El Centro had just opened as I was leaving for my next job (or job search, really). So when a former news colleague suggested meeting up with ANOTHER alumnus of our former TV station, he suggested El Centro. Score!
First off--the margaritas are big, they are strong, and they are worth the 10 dollars!

We started with some chips (sprinkled with fresh lime juice, of course) and a duo of guacamole & salsa. The guac was nicely textured and zippily delicious.
I went with the trio of tacos-- pomegranate-glazed skirt steak, grilled mahi-mahi, and short ribs. They were all good, but the short ribs were by far the best. Delicious! They were tender, flavorful, with the perfect touch of sweetness and caramelization in them. The watercress sprinkled on top gave a nice, bitter kick to the rich fillings. I'd go back and double up on the short ribs, get another mahi mahi, and skip the skirt steak. The only thing I didn't like about the steak was how difficult it was too eat-- long strips of steak that weren't super easy to chew. Trust me--stick with the short ribs!
Cerveza chandelier
The Tex-Mex scene has so dramatically improved in the 10+ years since I moved here, and I'm so happy about it! Places like El Centro are less and less surprising, but always still appreciated. Service was fast and friendly, the margaritas were delicious and strong,everything was very reasonably priced, and I'd highly recommend this spot if you're anywhere near it.
El Centro
824 9th Ave
New York, NY 10019
(646) 763-6585

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