August 02, 2013

Red's Eats (Maine)

Red's in Wiscasset, Maine, has earned cult-like status with Lobstah roll lovahs. There is almost always a wait, so we saved it for our trip back to NYC.

Shrimp samples!
Kwame, ABF and I waited in line for about 40 minutes. Staff came by twice, first offering samples of their fried shrimp (so tasty!) and then bringing much-appreciated cups of icy-cold water.
We snagged a table in the corner and spread out our fabulous feast. It felt good to sit after just standing around all that time. (Did I mention there was a line?)
All that waiting in line had given us plenty of time to come up with our order plan. We ordered 3 lobster rolls, which come with butter or mayo. Kwame & I got butter, ABF got mayo. We also ordered a small batch of the fried shrimp (so easily swayed by samples are we!)

The rolls come with a well-publicized "more than one whole lobster"'s worth of meat, and I believe it! Every roll was overflowing with lobstah.
It was tasty, but not as tender as I'd like, sometimes a little too chewy. The drawn butter was unsalted, so not much flavor added there.

ABF also talked us (trust me: not difficult) into getting some fried zucchini. These were delicious,too--whatever they put in their breading is all right with me! Tender, soft-but-not-mushy zucchini, delicious dipped in anything, but especially their tartar sauce!

The shrimp? Also just as delicious as they were while we waited in line!
We also snagged dessert on our way out- ice cream for all! I had my favorite summer treat, black raspberry ice cream! So full and fruity and just one of my favorite things about summer.
Flat Stanleys pose with some black raspberry ice cream!
ABF got the eagle tracks, which was a chocolate ice cream with peanut butter cups in it. Wow, was this fabulous! (no pic--sorry!)
Kwame ordered two different flavors-- I can't remember which, but one was studded with chocolate chips, and they were both delicious!

While it wasn't the best lobster roll I ever had, our trip to Red's was still a fun and tasty experience. Waiting just once in that line, though, is enough for me! However, I can't say enough about how nice and welcoming the staff was. They were friendly, helpful, and just so nice. They are working under the gun for hours at a time, but it's clear that even all the fame and press Red's has earned hasn't made it snooty and stiff.

Red's Eats
41 Water St
Wiscasset, ME 04578
(207) 882-6128

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Axelrod said...

I love their calm bellies!

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