November 12, 2009

Caffe Dante

My friend Carlota treated me to dessert and coffee the other night at a well-known spot for serious sweets, Caffe Dante. We'd been there once before, but it had been at least a few years, and I hadn't tried their tiramisu, which Carlota said is the best she's ever eaten. That's enough to get me to go. ;)

Dante's serves sandwiches and other savory eats as well, but we were there to focus on the sweet side. They had a beautiful, colorful array of gelato and sorbet, including a seasonal flavor: pumpkin! I almost got that, but the mousse caught my eye and that was that. I have no regrets! ;)

We shared the tiramisu and the chocolate mousse--both portions were more than generous. The tiramisu was clearly fresh, and you could smell the coffee and the liqueur. It was extremely light, fantastically flavorful, and definitely one of the best tiramisus I've ever had. Yum.

To go with the tiramisu, I ordered a steamed milk with amaretto. It came in a striking presentation and was quite delicious. The amaretto wasn't as strong as I expected; it was subtle and not-too-sweet. Perfect pairing for the tiramisu!

Carlota got the hot chocolate which came with a glorious crown of real whipped cream. I sampled a taste and agreed it was quite heavenly. I just might get that next time.

The other dessert was the monster-sized chocolate mousse. This. was. lovely. It was light, but it had real depth to it. The chocolate flavor was strong and serious and real. As delicious as it was, we couldn't quite finish it, though I did go back for a few more spoonfuls even though I was full, because it was just that tasty!

Every bite was delicious, and I will definitely go back to try one of the many other tempting desserts on display (like maybe that pineapple cake!!) This spot is worth visiting more than once!

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