November 20, 2009


Tomatillos are another favorite food/flavor of mine. They're the star in this dish: chilaquiles. It's a pretty simple recipe with an amazing array of flavors. It's tangy, tart, salty, and oh-so-satisfying. If you're at Mama Mexico in NYC, may I suggest you order their version? One of the tastiest I've found so far. If you're in the market for saving a little cash and making them at home, try this recipe!

Laura came over one day for cheap and tasty brunch in my Brooklyn apartment. This dish took less than 20 minutes to put together, but tasted like it took much longer! I highly recommend you give it a shot--delish. We added some fresh avocado slices, refried beans, and a fried egg to round out the plate. Que rico!!!

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