November 06, 2009


Outback Steakhouse is yet another chain I won't apologize for loving! There is a great one located not far from Bay Ridge--I think it's technically in Bensonhurst. Every great once in a while, Kelli and I jump in her car and head out here. We almost always get the same thing, too.

I learned years ago from someone that you should ask them to 'layer' the cheese in the addicting cheese fries, so it's not all a big glop on top. What I forgot on my last visit this same person taught me was to order the HALF order of fries. It doesn't say so on the menu, but this is totally doable (and much less dangerous to your waistline). I do not like ranch dressing, but for some reason, I am powerless to resist it when paired with cheese fries.

Their house salad is delicious, but nothing tops the Caesar for me. It's as garlicky as they come, and definitely has a generous kick of hot sauce. Awwww yeah. It also comes with lots of croutons, which I'd already removed before snapping this photo.

My standard order is the melt-in-your-mouth 7 oz. Victoria filet, a filet mignon cooked to perfection (which, for me, is medium). There's usually enough for leftovers the next day. I wouldn't get any other side but the baked sweet potato. I usually get the butter and brown sugar on the side, but I just went with the normal way this time. If you're wondering if it reheats well, I can most assuredly guarantee you that it does. I had the rest for dinner the next night and it was still tender, juicy, and maybe even a little more delicious.

Kel is a NY strip steak kind of gal--she also gets regular baked potato with the works. This is not a time to skimp, folks! Live! Eat! Go home in a food coma!

And now I'm hungry again.


Amelia said...

This chain is also one of our favorites places to get a steak. Looking at the pictures just makes my mouth water...

Halcyon said...

As far as chains go, I think this is one of the better ones. The dh and I go there sometimes as well. Everyone needs a guilty pleasure! ;-)

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