June 26, 2010


You don't go to Chevy's for the best Mexican food ever. You go to Chevy's (at least the one in Times Square) because it's connected to the movie theater where certain people (LKP, Melanie & Patty) may have just seen a certain movie (MACGRUBER! [explosion sounds]) and found themselves quite hungry.

Our friend Mel had to head back to Jersey, but Patty & I were not going to make it home without sustenance. We walked in, still giggling over the silliness of the film (if you're not a Macgruber fan you will NOT like it, I assure you) and found out we could sit down right away.

Our server brought us each a margarita; I ordered watermelon, Patty ordered lime. We soon realized the flavoring, however, was all in the sugar rimming the glass. Otherwise it was a plain old margarita. Hmm...

We were crazy hungry, but this place is a chain, meaning it's required by NY law to post calorie counts. Few things will halt your dining plans like the number "2,095" next to a former favorite dish. We opted to split a fajita entrée that came with beef, chicken, and shrimp. The word 'pounced' comes to mind when I think of how we acted when the plate arrived.

It was good, and we were ravenous: such a winning combo! I had the shrimp first before moving on to the steak and chicken. The shrimp was actually my favorite!! Not dried out or chewy at all--perfectly juicy and delish.

We had a great, quick server who did not rush us, our food was hot and tasty, and our drinks were ice cold and lip-smacking (though a bit sweet). Not bad! It's definitely not a place I go out of my way to hit, but if you're at the INSANELY huge AMC or Loews on 42nd, it's a safe, affordable bet!

259 W 42nd St
New York, NY 10036
(212) 302-4010

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Halcyon said...

I am ravenous now. Maybe will have to get Mexican for lunch.

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